qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest Class Reference

#include <notification.h>

Public Member Functions

 NotificationRequest ()
 NotificationRequest (const Message &msg)
 NotificationRequest (Notification::Type type)
 NotificationRequest (Buddy *buddy, const Status &status, const Status &previous)
 NotificationRequest (const NotificationRequest &other)
 ~NotificationRequest ()
QList< NotificationActionactions () const
void addAction (const NotificationAction &action)
void blockBackend (const QByteArray &backendType)
QPixmap image () const
bool isBackendBlocked (const QByteArray &backendType)
QObject * object () const
NotificationRequestoperator= (const NotificationRequest &other)
QVariant property (const char *name, const QVariant &def) const
template<typename T >
property (const char *name, const T &def) const
void reject (const QByteArray &reason)
QSet< QByteArray > rejectionReasons () const
Notificationsend ()
void setBackends (const QSet< QByteArray > &backendTypes)
void setImage (const QPixmap &pixmap)
void setObject (QObject *obj)
void setProperty (const char *name, const QVariant &value)
void setText (const QString &text)
void setTitle (const QString &title)
void setType (Notification::Type type)
QString text () const
QString title () const
Notification::Type type () const
void unblockBackend (const QByteArray &backendType)

Static Public Member Functions

static void addAction (Notification::Type type, const NotificationAction &action)


class Notification

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::NotificationRequest ( )
qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::NotificationRequest ( const Message msg)
qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::NotificationRequest ( Notification::Type  type)
qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::NotificationRequest ( Buddy buddy,
const Status status,
const Status previous 
qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::NotificationRequest ( const NotificationRequest other)
qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::~NotificationRequest ( )

Member Function Documentation

QList<NotificationAction> qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::actions ( ) const
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::addAction ( const NotificationAction action)
static void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::addAction ( Notification::Type  type,
const NotificationAction action 
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::blockBackend ( const QByteArray &  backendType)
QPixmap qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::image ( ) const
bool qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::isBackendBlocked ( const QByteArray &  backendType)
QObject* qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::object ( ) const
NotificationRequest& qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::operator= ( const NotificationRequest other)
QVariant qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::property ( const char *  name,
const QVariant &  def 
) const
template<typename T >
T qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::property ( const char *  name,
const T &  def 
) const
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::reject ( const QByteArray &  reason)
QSet<QByteArray> qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::rejectionReasons ( ) const
Notification* qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::send ( )

Send new notification.

void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::setBackends ( const QSet< QByteArray > &  backendTypes)
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::setImage ( const QPixmap &  pixmap)
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::setObject ( QObject *  obj)
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::setProperty ( const char *  name,
const QVariant &  value 
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::setText ( const QString &  text)
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::setTitle ( const QString &  title)
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::setType ( Notification::Type  type)
QString qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::text ( ) const
QString qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::title ( ) const
Notification::Type qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::type ( ) const
void qutim_sdk_0_3::NotificationRequest::unblockBackend ( const QByteArray &  backendType)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Notification

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