qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo Class Reference

#include <plugin.h>

Public Types

enum  Capability { Loadable = 0x01 }

Public Member Functions

 PluginInfo (const LocalizedString &name=LocalizedString(), const LocalizedString &description=LocalizedString(), quint32 version=0, ExtensionIcon icon=ExtensionIcon())
 PluginInfo (const PluginInfo &other)
 ~PluginInfo ()
PluginInfoaddAuthor (const PersonInfo &author)
PluginInfoaddAuthor (const QString &ocsUsername)
PluginInfoaddAuthor (const LocalizedString &name, const LocalizedString &task, const QString &email=QString(), const QString &web=QString())
QList< PersonInfoauthors () const
Capabilities capabilities () const
LocalizedString description () const
ExtensionIcon icon () const
LocalizedString name () const
PluginInfooperator= (const PluginInfo &other)
PluginInfosetCapabilities (Capabilities capabilities)
PluginInfosetDescription (const LocalizedString &description)
PluginInfosetIcon (const ExtensionIcon &icon)
PluginInfosetName (const LocalizedString &name)
PluginInfosetVersion (quint32 version)
quint32 version () const

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::PluginInfo ( const LocalizedString name = LocalizedString(),
const LocalizedString description = LocalizedString(),
quint32  version = 0,
ExtensionIcon  icon = ExtensionIcon() 
qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::PluginInfo ( const PluginInfo other)
qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::~PluginInfo ( )

Member Function Documentation

PluginInfo& qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::addAuthor ( const PersonInfo author)
PluginInfo& qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::addAuthor ( const QString &  ocsUsername)
PluginInfo& qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::addAuthor ( const LocalizedString name,
const LocalizedString task,
const QString &  email = QString(),
const QString &  web = QString() 
QList<PersonInfo> qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::authors ( ) const
Capabilities qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::capabilities ( ) const
LocalizedString qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::description ( ) const
ExtensionIcon qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::icon ( ) const
LocalizedString qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::name ( ) const
PluginInfo& qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::operator= ( const PluginInfo other)
PluginInfo& qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::setCapabilities ( Capabilities  capabilities)
PluginInfo& qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::setDescription ( const LocalizedString description)
PluginInfo& qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::setIcon ( const ExtensionIcon icon)
PluginInfo& qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::setName ( const LocalizedString name)
PluginInfo& qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::setVersion ( quint32  version)
quint32 qutim_sdk_0_3::PluginInfo::version ( ) const

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