qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme Class Reference

#include <sound.h>

Public Member Functions

 SoundTheme (const QString name=QString())
 SoundTheme (const SoundTheme &other)
 SoundTheme (SoundThemeData *data)
 ~SoundTheme ()
bool isNull () const
SoundThemeoperator= (const SoundTheme &other)
QString path (Notification::Type type) const
void play (Notification::Type type) const
bool save ()
void setPath (Notification::Type type, QString path)
QString themeName () const

Protected Attributes

< SoundThemeData > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::SoundTheme ( const QString  name = QString())
qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::SoundTheme ( const SoundTheme other)
qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::SoundTheme ( SoundThemeData *  data)
qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::~SoundTheme ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::isNull ( ) const
SoundTheme& qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::operator= ( const SoundTheme other)
QString qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::path ( Notification::Type  type) const
void qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::play ( Notification::Type  type) const
bool qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::save ( )
void qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::setPath ( Notification::Type  type,
QString  path 
QString qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::themeName ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

QSharedDataPointer<SoundThemeData> qutim_sdk_0_3::SoundTheme::d

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