qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker Class Referenceabstract

#include <spellchecker.h>

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void dictionaryChanged ()

Public Member Functions

virtual ~SpellChecker ()
virtual bool isCorrect (const QString &word) const =0
bool isMisspelled (const QString &word) const
virtual void store (const QString &word) const =0
virtual void storeReplacement (const QString &bad, const QString &good)=0
virtual QStringList suggest (const QString &word) const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static SpellCheckerinstance ()

Protected Member Functions

 SpellChecker ()
virtual void virtual_hook (int id, void *data)

Detailed Description

The SpellChecker class is used for spell checking.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::~SpellChecker ( )

Destroyes the object.

qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::SpellChecker ( )

Member Function Documentation

void qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::dictionaryChanged ( )

The signal is sent when the dictionary has been changed.

static SpellChecker* qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::instance ( )

Returns the CheckSpeller object.

virtual bool qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::isCorrect ( const QString &  word) const
pure virtual

Returns whether the word is spelled correctly.

bool qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::isMisspelled ( const QString &  word) const

Returns whether the word is misspelled.

virtual void qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::store ( const QString &  word) const
pure virtual

Stores the word to the user personal dictionary.

virtual void qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::storeReplacement ( const QString &  bad,
const QString &  good 
pure virtual

Stores user defined good replacement for the bad word.

virtual QStringList qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::suggest ( const QString &  word) const
pure virtual

Returns a list of spelling suggestions for the word.

virtual void qutim_sdk_0_3::SpellChecker::virtual_hook ( int  id,
void *  data 

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