qutim_sdk_0_3::WidgetActionGenerator Class Reference

#include <widgetactiongenerator.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for qutim_sdk_0_3::WidgetActionGenerator:

Public Member Functions

 WidgetActionGenerator (const QIcon &icon, const LocalizedString &text, const QObject *receiver, const char *member)
virtual ~WidgetActionGenerator ()
WidgetActionGeneratoraddWidgetProperty (const QByteArray &name, const QVariant &value)
template<typename T >
WidgetActionGeneratorsetWidget ()
WidgetActionGeneratorsetWidget (ObjectGenerator *gen)
- Public Member Functions inherited from qutim_sdk_0_3::ActionGenerator
 ActionGenerator (const QIcon &icon, const LocalizedString &text, const QObject *receiver, const char *member)
 ActionGenerator (const QIcon &icon, const LocalizedString &text, const char *member)
virtual ~ActionGenerator ()
QList< QAction * > actions (QObject *object) const
QMap< QObject *, QAction * > actions () const
void addHandler (int type, QObject *obj)
ActionGeneratoraddProperty (const QByteArray &name, const QVariant &value)
QIcon icon () const
bool iconVisibleInMenu () const
const char * member () const
QAction::MenuRole menuRole () const
int priority () const
const QObject * receiver () const
void removeHandler (int type, QObject *obj)
void setCheckable (bool checkable)
void setChecked (bool checked)
void setIconVisibleInMenu (bool visible)
void setMenuController (MenuController *controller)
void setMenuRole (QAction::MenuRole role)
ActionGeneratorsetPriority (int priority)
void setShortcut (const QKeySequence &shortcut)
void setShortcut (const QString &id)
void setToolTip (const LocalizedString &toolTip)
ActionGeneratorsetType (int type)
QString shortcut () const
void subscribe (QObject *object, const char *method)
const LocalizedStringtext () const
int type () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from qutim_sdk_0_3::ObjectGenerator
virtual ~ObjectGenerator ()
ObjectGeneratoraddProperty (const QByteArray &name, const QVariant &value)
bool extends (const QMetaObject *super) const
bool extends (const char *id) const
template<typename T >
bool extends () const
QObject * generate () const
template<typename T >
T * generate () const
bool hasInterface (const char *id) const
Ptr pointerHolder ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual QObject * generateHelper () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qutim_sdk_0_3::ActionGenerator
void create (QAction *action, QObject *obj) const
virtual void createImpl (QAction *action, QObject *obj) const
virtual void hideImpl (QAction *action, QObject *obj)
virtual QList< QByteArray > interfaces () const
virtual const QMetaObject * metaObject () const
QAction * prepareAction (QAction *action) const
virtual void showImpl (QAction *action, QObject *obj)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qutim_sdk_0_3::ObjectGenerator
 ObjectGenerator ()
virtual void virtual_hook (int id, void *data)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from qutim_sdk_0_3::ActionGenerator
enum  Type { StatusType = 0, GeneralType }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from qutim_sdk_0_3::ActionGenerator
static ActionGeneratorget (QAction *)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qutim_sdk_0_3::WidgetActionGenerator::WidgetActionGenerator ( const QIcon &  icon,
const LocalizedString text,
const QObject *  receiver,
const char *  member 
virtual qutim_sdk_0_3::WidgetActionGenerator::~WidgetActionGenerator ( )

Member Function Documentation

WidgetActionGenerator* qutim_sdk_0_3::WidgetActionGenerator::addWidgetProperty ( const QByteArray &  name,
const QVariant &  value 
virtual QObject* qutim_sdk_0_3::WidgetActionGenerator::generateHelper ( ) const

Generate object.

This method have to be implemented to enable object generation

Generated object

Reimplemented from qutim_sdk_0_3::ActionGenerator.

template<typename T >
WidgetActionGenerator* qutim_sdk_0_3::WidgetActionGenerator::setWidget ( )
WidgetActionGenerator* qutim_sdk_0_3::WidgetActionGenerator::setWidget ( ObjectGenerator gen)

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